Dog Walking

20 minute walk

30 minute walk

45 minute walk

60 minute walk

Every walk includes:

    • Tons of exercise; depending on proximity to parks/walkways (i.e Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park), we like to take our pups for nice long walks there – away from traffic and people!
    • Fresh water and give treats.
    • A real-time WhatsApp message sent to you during each walk with a pic of your pup, and details around #1 and #2. Any cancellation or additional walk requests should be put in the chat! It is our main form of communication.

Special Requests:

  • Last Minute Booking: $8 surcharge for appointments booked less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Last Minute Cancellation: $10 surcharge for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Weeknights and Weekends: $10 surcharge for visits booked for 6:00 pm or later M-F. $10 surcharge for visits booked on weekends.
  • Major Holidays: $10 surcharge for major holidays and holiday weekends. These include Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day. Please book in advance if you need holiday service.
  • Minor Holidays: $8 surcharge for minor holidays and holiday weekends (days banks and schools are closed). These include Martin Luther King Jr, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Eve. Please book in advance if you need holiday service.
  • Solo walks: $8 surcharge for solo walk requests.

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