Pet Sitting

Cat Check-ins

Daily visits by trusted caretaker includes: fresh food/water, litter box cleaning, play time, treats & special requests. Updates on your kitty sent electronically at each daily visit. We can also take in mail and water plants.

30 minute visit – $22.5

Pet Sitting – overnight care

Are you afraid to put your furry friend in a kennel/cage overnight? We feel your pain. They can stay with us! With over 200 pet sits completed, we have a ton of happy clients who left their precious cargo with us for overnight care. Dogs have a minimum of 4 walks a day and if you’re comfortable, a longer play time off leash at a dog park. Our home is their home; as long as you allow this, they sleep on our couch, bed, sofa, you name it! There is plenty of space and toys for pups to play with and when it’s nap time, there are plenty of comfy carpets and doggie beds for a nap. We share pictures and updates every few hours as well. Many owners are jealous and wish they could stay with us!


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