Brooklyn Tails & Trails X sparky rugs

Brooklyn Tails & Trails has partnered with sparky rugs. sparky rugs is owned by Austin Hamilton who is an artist, musician and our very own Brooklyn Tails & Trails dog walker living in Brooklyn, NY. They have always gravitated towards the arts, but near the beginning of the pandemic, they cultivated their talents in fiber arts with a focus in rug making as a way to stay creative, occupied, and optimistic while indoors.

With inspirations ranging from pop art illustration to postmodern design, they create playful pieces that bring a splash of color and joy into your home.


With pictures of your pup, Austin will create a unique piece of art that they can then trace onto their canvas. After deciding on what color yarn best captures the spirit of your dog, Austin will head to their local yarn shop. With the materials picked up, they are ready to go!

Using their tufting gun and traced artwork as a guide, the rug starts to take shape. After the tufting is done, Austin secures the yarn to the canvas with a professional grade fixative and remove the canvas from the frame.

For the finishing touches, Austin glues the excess pieces of fabric to the back of the rug, shear and cut it to make the yarn even and perfect all the details. Finally, they back the rug with a non-slip backing and voila, your own personal doggy rug is ready for its new home.


  • 12×12 inches (Acrylic): $175
  • 12×12 inches (Wool): $225
  • 24×24 inches (Acrylic): $225
  • 24×24 inches: (Wool): $275

Note 1: Custom pricing available for larger orders, orders with backgrounds/borders, artistic techniques such as technicolor, etc.

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